Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose your company over someone else’s?

First and most important we are licensed electricians and are NOT doing this as an off-season money supplementing business. Thus, there is NEVER a need for an outside electrician to problem shoot or provide needed services. We are experienced in this field and value customer service. Our years of service provides you the customer with experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and dedicated workmanship.

How far in advance should we contact you?

We receive calls as early as September. Our calendar tends to fill up by mid-November. However we will do our best to fulfill the last minute jobs.

Is there a difference between your lights and the ones I can purchase at the local store?

YES, our lights are of commercial grade therefore providing longer life and are unique in design. The quality of our product is unavailable in the local stores. Our catalog offers an exclusive line of lights and decorations providing your home or business with an exceptional look.

What is the cost of installation and take-down?

Each installation is tailored to the customers property and taste. We will offer our suggestions and work with each customer individually to achieve their expectations and provide them with a proposal within their budget.

Can you install lights that we already have?

Unfortunately we do not install customer owned lights. We provide an array of lights and decorations for you to choose from. Our reputation is everything to us so we only work with a top quality commercial brand of lights which provide a professional, brilliant, unique look.

What is the cost for storing our lights and decorations?

Storage is included in pricing and stored at our facility, saving you garage space!

What happens if my lights go out during season?

One of our technicians will respond within 48 hours of your phone call. We maintain your display throughout the holiday season at no additional cost to you. Our products and workmanship are 100% guaranteed.